How to choose the right fish?

It would be ideal to buy only live fish, but for a number of reasons this is not always available, so you need to know some simple techniques for checking the freshness of fish:

• When pressed, the carcass should not leave dents, be dense and elastic;

• Transparency and shine of the eyes indicate the freshness of the fish, and cloudiness of the eyes indicates its dubious freshness;

• The scales of the fish should be shiny, free of plaque and fall off the carcass;How to choose the right fish?

• The gills of fresh fish are reddish or pink in color;

• It’s a good idea to smell the fish when purchasing; an unpleasant smell is a reason to refuse the purchase;

• Frozen fish carcasses are also checked not for the color of the eyes and gills, but they must also be free of mechanical damage, dents, breaks, and without a thick crust of ice on top.