What beneficial and medicinal properties does Jerusalem artichoke have?

Regular consumption of Jerusalem artichoke helps to significantly improve your health and support the body, which will certainly affect your well-being. The root vegetable perfectly cleanses the body of waste and toxins. By consuming at least 100 g of raw Jerusalem artichoke every day for several months, you can get rid of many health problems. It perfectly removes toxins due to the pectin it contains.

The tubers of the earthen pear are rich in iron, silicon, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C. The complex of trace elements contained helps strengthen the heart and blood vessels, which can even replace pharmaceutical preparations, such as a potassium-magnesium complex. Its ability to normalize blood pressure is known.

It is useful due to its inulin content. This is a polymer of fructose, which is classified as a carbohydrate. If you constantly consume fresh peeled Jerusalem artichoke root, the intestinal microflora is normalized due to the fact that the number of beneficial bacteria in the colon increases, called bifidobacteria, which produce vitamins so necessary for the body and kill pathogenic microorganisms such as staphylococci and enterococci.What beneficial and medicinal properties does Jerusalem artichoke have?

The root vegetables of the plant can lower blood sugar levels, so it is recommended for diabetics.

Jerusalem artichoke is able to eliminate vitamin deficiency in the body. By the way, its root vegetables contain almost 4 times more vitamin C than potatoes. In addition, its roots are rich in B vitamins, namely B1 (necessary for the heart, nervous system and digestion), B2 (for normal thyroid function and reproductive function), B3 or niacin (helps absorb vitamin C), B5 (for production of hemoglobin and normalization of metabolic processes in the body), B6 (regulates the transmission of nerve impulses between neurons and muscle tissue), B7 (to regulate the breakdown of proteins and fats).