What types of bread knives are there?

Most often, bread knives differ in the shape of the teeth on the blade.

The teeth of such knives come in several main types:

First of all, these are bread knives that have large sawtooth teeth. This type of knife is very sharp and will cut through the toughest breads. But this type of blade produces more crumbs.
There are also knives with rounded, smooth, wavy teeth. These knives are well suited for slicing cakes and soft pastries. They cut smoothly and cleanly. But when cutting something tough, such knives need more pressure.What types of bread knives are there?
Knives with small teeth of different sizes are almost ideal for use. They grow well and leave fewer crumbs. They have only one drawback – such knives are difficult to produce. Therefore, such bread knives are most often quite expensive.
And finally, classic bread knives with regular, identical, medium-sized teeth. They do not have any noticeable flaws or features. Both their price and effectiveness are usually average. You could say “normal”. Everything depends only on the quality of the steel and the integrity of the manufacturer.
Thus, we can say that knives with larger teeth cut easier, but produce a little more crumbs. Smaller teeth require more force but produce a more accurate cut.