When did people start adding spices to food?

The history of the use of spices goes back several thousand years. It is believed that the first people began using spices around 3500 BC. in Ancient Egypt. These were cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg. The Egyptians used them to embalm mummies and to make medicines and perfumes.

In Ancient Greece and Rome, spices were also very valuable and expensive ingredients. They were used to add a piquant taste to dishes, to create aromatic oils and resins, and for religious ceremonies. Spices were transported along dangerous long trade routes from India, Arabia, China and other countries.When did people start adding spices to food?

During the Middle Ages, the demand for spices increased even more. They became a symbol of luxury and wealth. Spices helped hide the unpleasant smell of spoiled food, improve appetite and digestion, and protect against infections and epidemics. Real wars were fought over spices. Actually, for the sake of spices, Columbus set out to find a new sea route to India and thus discovered America.

After the discovery of new lands and the emergence of colonies, prices for spices began to decline and they became more affordable. Spices became more common and varied. Nowadays, these ingredients can be purchased in almost any store or market.