Why do we eat and what comes out of it?

In our world, everything is subject to laws. The movement of the planets, the change of day and night, the seasons. We got so used to this that we had to invent a calendar. We must somehow distinguish “today” from “tomorrow”. Now you can confidently say: “Yesterday I ate meat, today I’ll eat salad”

In order not to confuse anything, write opposite each date what exactly you want to eat on Monday and on other days of the week. Home and food have become the basis of human existence. A home to have a place to sleep, love, and eat. Try to deprive yourself of at least one of these pleasures – humanity will die out.

Sleep is needed to rest. The evening feeling of fatigue is nothing more than a signal from the body – the cells are full of waste from burning carbohydrates, it’s time to cleanse. You lie down in bed, the tension in your muscles eases. The lymph flow picks up all toxins, freeing the intercellular space from waste. The liver and kidneys will filter the blood. With the first rays of the sun you feel light, cheerful, cheerful. The first active muscle movements awaken a feeling of hunger. In order to move you need energy. Intracellular power plants produce it by burning the fats and carbohydrates that we eat.Why do we eat and what comes out of it?

Simple carbohydrates in salad
By eating healthy, you help your body produce and use energy efficiently. Radish, cucumber, dill, vegetable oil – not just a salad, these are simple carbohydrates. They can be compared to dry brushwood; it burns quickly, releasing a large amount of energy. And in order to convert roast pork into energy, the body must first expend energy reserves to break down the meat into proteins and fats. Salad is a healthy food. Roasts can also be made healthy by adding vegetables to the meat. A proportion of 1:3 will be the most optimal. Vegetables like firewood will provide a lot of energy for the digestion of meat.

How to plan your diet correctly
The ability to design your diet so that it benefits you is not difficult. Follow the natural pattern. Your plate should be one part protein and one part fat to three parts carbohydrates. You won’t get pleasure from the “parts”. Therefore, next to the fried chicken leg, place a plate of boiled potatoes sprinkled with dill. Lightly salted cucumbers, tomatoes with onions. For a spicy sensation, horseradish with garlic. A bowl of soup or borscht will saturate the body with minerals.

Compote of dried apples will rejuvenate the skin. Sour milk made from homemade milk will tighten a sagging belly. Pumpkin, zucchini, and apples keep your abs in good shape. A forty-minute walk in the morning will save you from the threat of a stroke or heart attack.