DIY Easter egg decoration

Decorated Easter eggs are a mandatory attribute of the Bright Feast of Christ’s Resurrection, which personifies the rebirth of new life. I propose to consider several simple and original ways to color and decorate eggs for Easter with your own hands.

How to paint eggs?

Easter eggs painted in different colors are called krashenki.

You can color eggs in different ways. Before the holiday, you can buy special dyes for eggs in any store. Typically, this dye is diluted with hot water, then eggs are dipped in it for a few minutes and the result is bright colors. This is the easiest and fastest way to make paint. There are also traditional ways to color eggs using natural dyes.

1. Coloring with onion skins.DIY Easter egg decoration

For this method, you need to collect onion peels from several onions in advance; the more there are, the brighter and more saturated the color of the paint will be. Pour the husks with cold water and boil for about 30 minutes, then dip the eggs into this broth and cook as usual. The result is reddish-brown eggs.

2. Poplar or birch leaves will help you get yellow dyes. It is necessary to add water to the leaves, bring to a boil and boil for 10-15 minutes, then cook eggs in this broth in the usual way.

3. Beetroot. To get reddish eggs, you need to boil them and rub them with beet juice.

4. Other natural dyes. Strongly brewed tea or coffee (from ground beans) will produce a dark brown color, while a decoction of spinach, parsley and nettle will color the eggs green.

To make the coloring stable, you can add a little vinegar (about 1 tbsp) to the solution with the dye.

And to get a speckled pattern, you can wet the egg and roll it in rice so that the grains stick to the egg, wrap it with gauze or an old nylon stocking and boil it in the solution. Also, before cooking, you can attach leaves or twigs of plants to the egg and cook it in gauze or in a stocking, carefully wrapping the egg together with the leaf.