How to store bread in the kitchen?

When storing bread, it is important that it does not lose its freshness over time. If you don’t plan to store the bread for weeks, which is possible, but just bought a loaf to eat with lunch, there are a few basic storage options.

The first option is a bread box. This is the most popular, but not the most effective way. It is important to install it in a warm and dry place, so the product will retain its properties. It is better to buy bread bins made of wood, the inside of which will be lined with linen. A high-quality design can store bread for up to several days without loss of quality.How to store bread in the kitchen?

Another option is a fabric bag. You can either buy it or make it yourself. For this you need canvas or linen. It is important to tie the bag tightly and store it in a place with moderate humidity, and also wash the fabric periodically. In this way, bread can be stored for up to 4-5 days.

You can put the loaf in a pan – it is better to choose enamel and ceramic products. However, ceramics are more suitable for loaves and rye products, but it is recommended to put an apple in enamel dishes so that it does not allow the bread to dry out. Also, the pan must be completely dry. In both options, the bread will be stored for about 5 days, or even more.

Bread cannot be stored in the refrigerator in its usual form, but it can be pre-packed in a plastic bag or woven bag. It is better to make several holes in the bag so that optimal humidity is maintained and foreign odors do not penetrate inside. The product can be stored on the top shelves for up to three weeks.