How to dye eggs in onion skins

I have already shared my proven recipes for Easter cakes with you, today I want to talk about such an interesting way of decorating eggs as painting with onion skins. The color can range from brown to deep red. The more onion peels are used for painting, the more juicy and bright the color of the eggs will be.

This time I didn’t get a lot of peel (out of 4 onions), so the color wasn’t too red, but rather brown. But if you take a lot of husks, you get a very rich, bright burgundy color.

For painting you need:
Onion peels – the more the better

How to color eggs in onion skins:How to dye eggs in onion skins
So, put the prepared onion peels into a saucepan, add water to about half the volume and boil the peels for a few minutes until they give off color, then cook the eggs in this water with the peels. This is the first way.

You can do it the second way. Place the onion skins in a saucepan, place the eggs on top, add water until it completely covers the eggs, bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes.

That’s all, coloring eggs in onion skins is as easy as pie and you get a beautiful color from light brown to burgundy red!

Eggs painted in this way can be additionally painted with acrylic or gouache paints, or festive Easter stickers can be placed on them. Children will especially enjoy this creative process!

Happy Easter!