How to properly store carrots at home

Before deciding how and where to store, you need to prepare the carrots for storage. You can choose either fruits directly from your garden beds or from the store. Let’s consider both options.

If you grow your own carrots, harvest the fruits before frost sets in. This will make them less likely to taste bitter. Dig up the carrots carefully, without touching the fruit itself. It is better to do this in the evening; the vegetable dug up at this time will be sweeter. It is also important to drain the carrots immediately after digging. To do this, put them in a dry and warm place for a couple of hours so that they are not directly exposed to sunlight.How to properly store carrots at home

When buying in a store, make sure that the fruits are of high quality. There should be no spots or black stripes that indicate the presence of parasites. It is better to take lighter carrots and unwashed ones. Unwashed carrots will last longer, and the light color indicates the sweetness of the fruit.

Trim off the heads of the root crops slightly before storing them. A couple of centimeters is enough to prevent carrots from sprouting. Also cut off the thin ends. After this, let the fruits dry.

It is recommended to clean the carrots from dirt. It is important to do this not with water, but with the dry method. It is also important not to damage the shell.