How to store carrots in the basement until spring

There are several ways to store carrots in the basement. Let’s start by preparing the place. An excellent choice would be a small box with a lid, in which it is better to put about 20 kg of root vegetables. It is important to install the box 20-25 centimeters from the wall so that condensation does not get on the fruit.

Some housewives recommend topping carrots with potatoes. First pour carrots into a large box, and potatoes on top, so that it completely covers it. Using this method, you can store carrots until May.How to store carrots in the basement until spring

You can use onion peels. Fill a bag or box with carrots with it. It will absorb moisture, so it will prevent the fruits from spoiling. They are often covered with sand and chalk to prevent bacteria from multiplying and to maintain freshness.