How to store flour for years

If you plan to stock up for a long time, then before sending for long-term storage, dry it in the oven on a spread sheet of parchment at a temperature of about +100 °C. Then let the product cool and pour into prepared containers with a hermetically sealed lid.

How to store flour in a glass jar

Wash the container and dry it thoroughly; there should be no moisture. Pour the flour into the jar and close the lid tightly. Store the jar of flour in a dark, dry place with a relative air humidity of no more than 70% and a temperature ranging from +5 to +18 °C.

Can flour be stored in a plastic container?

Flour can be stored in a plastic container, provided it does not have an unpleasant odor and is tightly closed.

Important. Plastic bags are not suitable for storing flour – they cause the product to become damp and spoil.

Where to store flour?

How to store flour for years

White flour in a measuring cup and transparent jar at the center on a wood table.”n

Most often flour is stored:

In the closet – it should be closed and dry; it is optimal to choose the bottom shelf. Do not place products with very strong or strong aroma nearby.
In the refrigerator – namely in the vegetable compartment. This storage method is guaranteed to prevent the appearance and proliferation of pests, even if the flour has been “contaminated” with insect eggs.
If there is a lot of flour, it is placed in a dark, dry, cool place (the temperature should not be higher than 18 degrees).

Insects – what to do to keep them away

Make sure that food supplies do not contain mealworms or bugs. They can eat some of the flour and simply ruin the rest. An effective folk method is to put a couple of unpeeled garlic cloves in storage containers.

You can sprinkle the storage areas with thyme, calendula, cardamom, and wormwood. It is advisable to pre-heat the product in the oven. And, as mentioned above, a win-win way to protect against insects is to store flour in the refrigerator.