Where is the best place to store carrots?

Storing carrots depends on where you live. It’s easier to leave the vegetable in the basement of your own home, where there are optimal conditions. If you live in an apartment, the basement is clearly not the right place; it is better to keep it on the balcony, where sufficient conditions are formed. It can also be stored in the pantry; however, it should not be cold in both rooms.

Carrots will be stored in a basement or cellar longer, but the room must be suitable: the temperature should always be 0-1 degrees, and the humidity should reach about 95%.

How to store carrots in the refrigerator so they don’t wiltWhere is the best place to store carrots?

You can also keep carrots in the refrigerator. It is unlikely to last there for several seasons, but it can live for a couple of months and not wither. There are several simple but effective ways to do this.

In plastic bags. Here you need unwashed carrots. Choose good fruits and put them in a bag, then try to pump out as much air as possible from there and tie them tightly.
Washed fruits. And although washing has many benefits: you will see all the damage and wash away harmful microorganisms, this process can also cause harm. If you don’t dry the carrots enough, they will quickly disappear. Therefore, before packing, place the fruits on a towel and let them dry thoroughly. Then pack in a paper or plastic bag.
Purified. Such carrots will not last for months, but they will last about 5 days without loss of quality. Place the carrots in a small container of water and then place them in the refrigerator.