Pea soup with spinach

For 4 servings you will need:

Peas – 1 cup
Spinach – 200 gr.
Carrots – 1 pc.
Onion – 1 pc.
Cream – 1 glassPea soup with spinach
Turmeric – 1 tsp.
Vegetable oil – 2 tbsp.
Water 1 l.
Salt, pepper – to taste

Place the peas, pre-washed and soaked for 3-4 hours, in a multicooker, fill with water and cook in the “cooking” mode for 30 minutes. Lightly fry the onions and carrots in a frying pan and add to the peas. Place the chopped spinach and turmeric in the multicooker bowl. Salt and pepper. Cook on the same mode for another 8-10 minutes. Carefully remove the bowl, grind everything with a blender and add hot cream in a thin stream. When serving, decorate with greens.